Construction and Transportation Materials:

Superalloys, composites, high performance plastics, concrete admixtures, waterproofing membranes, curing and sealing compounds, adhesives, sealers, toppings & coatings, and various other specialty additives and nontraditional construction, aerospace and other transportation materials

Construction and transportation materials include materials used in building infrastructure (including waterproofing membranes, curing and sealing compounds, adhesives, sealers, and toppings & coatings) and in aerospace and transportation industry (including high-tech aerospace alloys and composites).

High performance alloys, also known as superalloys, are increasingly important in this space due to their corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and surface stability - especially in high heat conditions. They are used in structural parts, coatings and claddings, thermal barriers, armor, etc. Superalloys are used in automotive and transportation applications in engine valves, in chemical processing vessels, and in heat exchanger tubing, and in the field of steel turbines and turbomachine construction for the energy and aerospace sector.

Plastics are also widely utilized in this space due to for their high thermal and mechanical stability, inherent flame resistance, low degree of thermal expansion, high chemical resistance even at raised temperatures, low level of outgassing in vacuum, and good electrical insulation. They have begun to replace traditional materials such as wood and steel because they can be engineered to surpass them in strength and many other properties, while being easy molded into complicated shapes. High performance plastics include thermoplastics (plastic materials/polymers that become pliable or moldable above a specific temperature and solidify upon cooling) and thermosetting plastics (plastics that remain in a permanent solid state once cured, providing enhanced chemical resistance, heat resistance and structural integrity).

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