Our Team

Ennovance Capital team members have spent their professional careers honing and developing their capabilities in all aspects of buying, building, and exiting companies from deal origination to the ultimate realization of the investment. The senior management team at Ennovance has over 100 years of combined private equity and alternative asset investment experience and over 150 years of combined operating experience in the broader chemicals industry. In addition, as a complement to our industry-focused members, we also have team members with backgrounds in private equity, management and strategy consulting, investment banking, transaction advisory services, and risk management.

Members of our team have collected invaluable experience from a diverse set of companies within both the chemical and financial industries. A few examples are below.

Broader Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry (business of “Chemistry”):
· Dow Chemical (heritage Rohm and Haas Company, Union Carbide etc.)
· Ecolab/Nalco (heritage Exxon, Nalco/Exxon Chemical)
· ARCO Chemical (now LyondellBasell Industries)
· Merck & Co
· Novartis AG
· Celanese
· Henkel
· Exxon Mobil
· BF Goodrich
· Shell Chemical Company
· Freedom Chemical Company
· Air Products & Chemicals
· Symrise Inc
· Pactiv Corp
· Sherwin Williams Company
· Corn Products International
· Carbolytic Materials
· Columbian Chemicals
· Solutia Inc
· Akzo Nobel
· Univar
· Monsanto
Finance & Consulting:
· J P Morgan
· Citigroup
· McKinsey & Co
· Accenture
· Bank of America - Merrill Lynch
· Apollo
· ING Investment Management
· Morgan Stanley Private Equity
· Metalmark Capital
· Andersen Consulting
· Booz, Allen & Hamilton
· Drexel Burnham Lambert
· Constellar Capital
· Blackstone
· Measurisk
· Joseph, Littlejohn & Levy

Unique Capabilities

Since Ennovance Capital is led by former highly successful senior executives from Fortune 100 chemical companies, we have unparalleled expertise in the chemical, healthcare (as it relates to chemistry), allied product and specialty material industries. Some of our key differentiating factors include the following:

  • Industry Insiders: The substantial chemical industry experience of our team provides us with the ability to both identify as well as capitalize on opportunities that other less-focused private equity firms generally miss.
  • Value Creation: Our deep industry and operating expertise provides us with the ability to drive growth and substantial value creation through operational improvements and strategic growth initiatives rather than relying on financial engineering.
  • Extensive Global Network: Ennovance team members have established an extensive global network of high value relationships that we leverage to create value at our portfolio companies.
The Ennovance team also has considerable investment and transaction expertise as it is comprised of many seasoned deal makers who can quickly and effectively evaluate and execute opportunities, which results in many tangible benefits such as the following:
  • Deal Flow: Our deep industry expertise and extensive global network of high value relationships provide us with unparalleled access to attractive proprietary investment opportunities.
  • Deal Analysis: Investment opportunities within the broader chemical industry tend to be more complex, and thus, difficult to properly evaluate. We utilize our deep industry and operating expertise to accurately identify and analyze the potential sources of value and potential risk factors to determine the attractiveness of such investment opportunities.
  • Deal Execution: Our team members have unmatched deal experience within the broader chemical industry as well as a proven track record of closing deals having collectively completed over 50 transactions representing over $20 billion of value.
  • Deal Integration: Working within our team and extended network, we have significant experience efficiently and effectively integrating new assets into our existing operations to optimize value in a timely manner.