Who Are We

Ennovance Capital is an alternative asset investor specializing in the implementation of strategic growth initiatives and operational improvements in lower-middle and middle market companies within the broader chemicals industry. Our flexible investment strategy enables us to invest across the value chain, which includes companies whose business models focus on manufacturing, formulation, application, compounding, distribution, and services. Our portfolio includes credit and absolute return strategies along with our sector focused equity investments. While we are primarily focused on the U.S. market, we have the flexibility to invest globally.

Our capital base is either supplied by or completely controlled by the principals of the firm. As a patient, long-term investor with a stable source of capital, we are able to completely focus on our primary objective: the creation of a conservative investment portfolio focused on long-term capital appreciation. Our direct investments are primarily focused on specialty chemicals, allied products, health-care (as it relates to chemicals), and related specialty materials sectors. We seek to make equity investments of $200 million to $300 million, but have the flexibility to invest significantly more with participation from co-investors.

Our partners and advisors have a long and successful track record of building companies into global and niche market leaders over the long-term and through all stages of the economic cycle. Our senior management team has over 130 years of combined executive and operational experience in Fortune 100 chemical companies. Our extensive global network of high-value relationships within the broader chemicals industry can be leveraged to the benefit of our portfolio companies. We manage the risk of an economic downturn by identifying niche micro-segments within the broader chemicals industry that are most attractive in various macroeconomic climates.

Ennovance Capital was founded by Mo Hossain in 2009 and is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The name of the firm was coined by fusing elements of the words entrepreneurship, innovation, vision, science, sustainability, and advancement, which embrace the founder’s concept of a firm that begins with a new vision and advances science and technology, while constantly working to develop and deliver innovative products to improve the quality of life of everyone. We strive to provide a unique solution that stresses mastery of business fundamentals, intellectual discipline, passion for excellence, creativity, integrity, patience, aspiration to build, problem solving, responsibility for stakeholders, and environmental preservation.