Ennovance Family

Family offices start, own, manage and invest into a variety of asset classes and drive both profitability and developmental impact throughout the world. Family offices often have much higher allocations in alternatives, particularly in private equity, than typical high-net-worth investors or wealth management firms. The access to a stable source of capital gives them the ability to hold investments for a longer period of time than most private equity firms and allows for more flexibility in terms of deal structure. Certain sellers are attracted to family offices because of their past experience as operators and their familiarity with the unique dynamics associated with running a family business.

All family offices offer their own unique investing style and philosophy. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ennovance Capital has a niche, sector specific focus on the specialty chemicals, allied products, health-care, specialty materials, and related sectors. Our experienced family office partners manage a wide variety of alternative investments and specialize in buyouts, recapitalizations, growth equity, and special situation investments. Members of our team are passionate about the chemicals sector and have dedicated their entire careers to this industry. Our partners have taken on executive positions in major chemical companies and have accumulated extensive experience buying, building, and exiting companies.

Our ultimate goal is creating long-term value, and in a specialized and relationship centric business such as ours, we rely on our operational and management expertise and our global network of high-valued relationships rather than financial engineering to generate value. The majority of our direct investment opportunities are brought to us through our extensive network. By utilizing our strong relationships and network within the broader chemicals industry, we are able to strategically invest in the best opportunities.

For more information on Ennovance Capital, please contact info@ennovance.com.