Sector Criteria

Ennovance is a niche, sector-focused, operationally-oriented private equity investor in the broader chemicals space. In an increasingly competitive private equity environment, our intimate knowledge of the chemicals sector is a key differentiator. Our backgrounds as well as our singular focus in chemical industry allow us to be closer to industry participants. We are better able to understand trends and themes in this industry, which allows us to identify attractive investment opportunities often overlooked by generalist private equity investors.

Our sector focused model is beneficial to the business owners, intermediaries, and other parties we work with. In deal generation, our extensive contacts with key industry players increase both the volume and the quality of the deal flow that we receive. In due diligence, our sector expertise allows us to better manage risks by quickly identifying areas of concern and by uncovering relevant insights regarding the target company. Following an acquisition, we are able to steer the company in the correct strategic direction by implementing managerial and operational improvements. Whereas generalist private equity firms may be focused on short-term returns, we have the business acumen and controlled patience to guide our companies towards creating value through long-term growth. At exit, we are able to identify the right buyers and present the business in the most compelling light.

The chemicals sector is characterized by large risks, regulatory obstacles, and complex business models. Our sector expertise allows us to maneuver through these risks, find the right opportunities, and create superior returns.

Our representative segments of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Chemical processing, distribution, and services
· Water and wastewater treatment products, solutions, and services
· Personal care and cosmetic ingredients
· Flavor and fragrance ingredients
· Food, nutritional, and nutraceutical ingredients
· Agrochemicals
· Energy, oil & gas chemicals and services
· Petrochemicals and their derivatives
· Lubricants, fuel additives, and process chemicals
· Shale gas products and services
· Coatings, adhesives, and sealants
· Household, industrial & institutional ingredients
· Plastics, composites and additives
· Construction and transportation materials
· Pharmaceuticals: specialty additives, generics, services
· Medical products and services, specialty laboratories, and logistics
· Specialty and fine chemicals
· “Green” chemistries and clean technology solutions