Investment Focus

Ennovance Capital seeks buyouts, recapitalizations, growth equity and special situation investments in the chemicals, specialty materials, and healthcare sectors. We can invest up to $200 million in each portfolio company, however we have the capability to provide significantly more equity capital for each investment from our strategic co-investor base with whom we have strong relationships. While primarily focused on domestic businesses with revenues between $20 million and $750 million, our sector-focused model affords us the flexibility to pursue a wide variety of investment opportunities. (For financial characteristics of a typical investment, please review the financial criteria section.)

Our representative segments of interest include:

· Chemical processing, distribution, and services
· Water and wastewater treatment products, solutions, and services
· Personal care and cosmetic ingredients
· Flavor and fragrance ingredients
· Food, nutritional, and nutraceutical ingredients
· Agrochemicals
· Energy, oil & gas chemicals and services
· Petrochemicals and their derivatives
· Lubricants, fuel additives, and process chemicals
· Shale gas products and services
· Coatings, adhesives, and sealants
· Household, industrial & institutional ingredients
· Plastics, composites and additives
· Construction and transportation materials
· Pharmaceuticals: specialty additives, generics, services
· Medical products and services, specialty laboratories, and logistics
· Specialty and fine chemicals
· “Green” chemistries and clean technology solutions

The Broader Chemical Industry

Companies within the broader chemical industry can be classified into the following major categories: basic (also known as commodity or industrial), specialty, allied products, specialty materials, diversified, and pharmaceutical. These categories contain hundreds of different micro-segments, services and product lines, with numerous companies that can benefit from an Ennovance partnership; several of these sectors are listed in this diagram.

Evidently, products from the broader chemical industry play a role in our everyday lives: from soaps and shampoos we use in the shower, to the plastic of our bottled water, to the hardware components of our laptops. For nearly every product we use in our day-to-day lives, a chemical company at some point provided specific, essential ingredients towards it.

The substantial scope of the broader chemical industry presents ample investment opportunities for Ennovance across all stages of the industry value chain. As we progress further down the value chain within the broader chemical industry, a great variety of differentiated products emerge, many of which are manufactured by companies that could utilize partnerships with a niche specialized investor such as Ennovance.